What is Pledge a Pound?

Pledge a Pound was founded by Susan Smith in March 2010 after volunteering at a local rabbit rescue, who wondered how these small rescues and sanctuaries managed financially. Most of them are self-funded and are run from people’s homes, they do not have the support of the large organisations that we see and hear so much about in the media. These are the true unsung heroes of the rescue world.

How many rescues and sanctuaries are supported?

Pledge a Pound currently supports 21 Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescues in the UK. These are all verified by their vets that they are genuine rescues, some are also registered charities in their own right.

How does it work?

We ask that you pledge £1 a month, all the money collected is then divided into £75 shares and given to the rescues, if we raise £180 one month, we give 2 rescues a donation of £75 each and the remaining £30 is carried over to the next month. If we raise £250 the next month then 3 rescues receive a donation with the remaining money carried over again.

How many donations does a rescue receive in a year?

All the rescues receive one donation of £75 from the monthly draw, once they have received this they are not eligible until all the rescues have received a donation, then we start again.

In addition to the monthly draws, we organise 2 major events during the year, one at the end of June and the other at Christmas, these are very special and each of the rabbit and guinea pig rescues  we support receive a donation.  The size on the donation depends on how much we have been able to raise, all the money is shared equally between them. In addition to this we try to organise a box of treats for the rabbits and guinea pigs at Christmas.

Why £75?

This amount covers the cost of a rabbit neuter and vaccination (depending on the area the rescue is situated in). Once a rabbit or guinea pig is neutered  they are ready to look for their forever home, once they have been rehomed, their rescue space is available for the next case.

Who chooses which rescue  receives a donation each month?

We have an impartial draw master one of Susan's wonderful rabbits, each month the draw is video recorded and put on the forum for everyone to see.

How do rescues become part of Pledge a Pound?

Each rescue  has to apply; they cannot be nominated by someone that is not connected to them.  They have to also be eligible under our criteria. (This is on our forum and website).

How can I Pledge my Pound?

here are several ways to do this:

  • Via the donate button on this website, (you don’t need a PayPal account).
  • Via PayPal direct to (gifted if possible please, so the whole £1 goes to the rescues
  • Via Bank transfer or standing order, the bank details are available on request – please see our contact page
  • Via cheque: The address is available on request – please see our contact page
Pledge a Pound is run entirely by volunteers and is non profit making, every penny raised is donated to the rescues, all admin costs for site running etc is funded by the founder member.